The Business Story
David Clark reviews a business career that's seen Chris Meadows emerge as one of Britain 's leading golf entrepreneurs.

The Beginning
As one of the youngest ever head professionals, Meadows business story begun at Elstree Golf Club in 1984. With the courses nearing completion Meadows saw the opportunity of a new club on the outskirts of central London . Always the enthusiastic coach he energised the new membership to improve their golf by taking regular classes and soon had built a loyal following. In the mid eighties although golf academies were still a rarity, Meadows was determined to give his clients the best possible learning experience. Within months he'd overseen the construction of a thirty bay range with a separate academy area fitted with video playback systems.

His vision was beginning to take shape and although only twenty two years of age, he developed a golfing business that was to be the blueprint for his future ventures.

Historic Business