Why I support the Princes Trust

Fortune plays a part in every person's life and I realize that my life was blessed by getting involved from an early age in such a great game as golf. Golf was my university, my students have always been generous in sharing their life experiences with me, enabling me broaden my knowledge in life.

For many young people in the world today, the world can seem daunting and overwhelming. Especially if they don't have mentors around them to support there emotional needs during their developing years.

When I was building Metro Golf Centre we had many planning issues, but I had a great supporter who always believed in my project and was ready to assist even if it didn't make him popular with every resident locally. His name was Derek Heasman (headmaster of Dollis Hill Junior School ). When we build the centre many of his students used the golf centre to begin the game. Over the years he invited me to the school and I began to see how a special person like Derek could transform young people's lives by giving them support, discipline and education. When he retired he took control of the Hertfordshire section of the Princes Trust. He asked me to work with his committee to help raise funds. It was my privilege to do so as any time spent with Derek was always inspirational

In our busy lives we often get caught up in day to day issues and its easy to forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. The Princes Trust is in my opinion a worthy charity attempting to give a helping hand to those who want to help themselves.

If you want to get involved with The Princes Trust call them at

The Prince's Trust
18 Park Square East
London NW1 4LH
phone: 020 7543 1234

The more you give, the more you get back!