Meadows Keys to Success

Step 1

Because everybody is different, understanding a golfer's dreams and aspirations is one of the most important aspects in forming a 'game plan' for the future. Working as a team both teacher and student must commit to a structured set of goals. By setting clear targets it's easy to review progress.

Step 2

Clarity is always king in golf. I believe most golfers are 'bouncing off the kerbs' as they chop and change their techniques with little understanding and no structure. Improvement comes through laying down a clear structure from the beginning and following a game plan. Technique needs to be slowly 'spoon fed' by the coach, too much and paralysis through analysis will be the inevitable result.

Step 3

Because real improvement is a slow process as the body and mind are reprogrammed - its important to make practice and learning fun and rewarding. Practice should be varied and stimulating otherwise interest will quickly wain. Work on all aspects of your game, change from short to long game regularly and don't forget putting with save you more shots than any other part of your game. Give yourself rewards for small successes. As the old saying goes, success is built on success. So make yourself feel good about learning.

Step 4
I've already mentioned that I believe improving your golf is an holistic process. These days few with the top players surrounded by a team of helpers including psychologists, personal trainers, biomechanic experts and nutritionalists there can be little doubt that improvement comes from nurturing every part of our being. I have always believed any weakness be it physical or mental needs to be dealt with in a proactive manner. A good golf coach


Meadows Keys to Success

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