Chris Meadows - Advanced Fellow of the Professional Golfers Association

Growing up beside Nick Faldo, Meadows learned that success in golf came through developing a clear understanding and working hard. A committed coach from an early age, he decided to devote his golf career to the development of others. His vision was to develop a team of similarly committed professionals, provide them with an academy of excellence where both coaches and students felt inspired to learn.

In a professional career spanning twenty seven years and having given over 100,000 lessons to all standards Meadows has developed a simple yet all encompassing approach to learning. As CNN International's resident golf expert Meadows has had the privilege to share knowledge with many of the greatest players in the modern era.

Quite simply Chris Meadows loves seeing golfers enjoy their game. Below in his 'keys to success' he lays down his formula, no matter what standard the golfer to make long lasting improvement.


Meadows Keys to Success

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